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World’s Largest Pop-up Hardshell Rooftop Tent
TEDPoP® reached $530,000 on global #1 crowdfunding platform

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TEDS Outdoor is a company that pursues sustainable coexistence with the environment.
TEDPoP® was created to provide a differentiated user experience through a lot of trial and error by outdoor camping experts.
TEDS Outdoor’s first Rooftop Tent: TEDPoP® supports the convenience of camping and your journey as a camper family companion.
The Expedition

The World's Largest Pop-up Hardshell Rooftop Tent

World's Largest Pop-up Hardshell Rooftop Tent

TEDPoP® is the world’s first dual expandable hard-shell rooftop tent.
The world’s largest pop-up hardshell rooftop tent that sleeps up to 4 people allows you to create your own mobile home anytime, anywhere.


Dual Extendable Pop Up Rooftop Tent

TEDPoP® adopts premium canvas fabric for good air permeability and generous space enough for up to 4 people to lie down comfortably, and the openness of all-around view is excellent as 4 sides are open.
The floor material is designed for the pleasant camping and safety of fellow campers by fundamentally blocking the cause of condensation on the floor by applying our own patented technology with a honeycomb panel that can withstand high loads and an insulation layer.

Sleeps 4
Dual expandable panels provide wide space and 360° all-around view
63mm high-density foam mattress allows for comfortable sleep
Anti-condensation technology
The center of gravity is located in the center of the vehicle roof for excellent stability


Product Information


What We Offer

$530,000 reached on global #1 crowdfunding platform

TEDPoP® is a next-generation rooftop tent that can dramatically reduce the inconvenience experienced during overlanding and camping.
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Pop-up Tent

With a ceiling height of over 1m and a hard shell cover, there is no need to worry about water leakage even when it rains.

Dual Expandable Mechanism

The sense of space was maximized by applying the technology to expand the panels on both sides.

Made in Korea

Korea's best design and technology, and domestic production have improved the quality.


Enjoy the beautiful sky all day with the urethane transparent windows provided on both flies.

ABS Hardshell

Pitching is easier than a soft top, so maneuverability is good. Based on rheological analysis, air resistance is minimized, and raw materials from domestic conglomerates are adopted to secure high rigidity and pass the verification of the Human Risk Assessment Test.

Excellent Air Permeability

The premium canvas fabric (cotton blend)'s advantages of breathability and water resistance of 3000 mm waterproof fly make it comfortable even on rainy days.


Endless Possibilities. Endless Performance.


Additional Equipment


Accessories you can purchase with TEDPoP®

Ladder Cover
Convenient to store and move the ladder.
Shoe Rack
Convenient to store shoes and items when entering and exiting the rooftop tent.
Can be selected in addition to 1 ladder provided with TEDPoP® (excluding the standard support pole when choosing the ladder option)
It is possible to move the vehicle by folding only the roof top tent
after independently pitching the Stand Free Annex.


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